Filing of annual accounts by the company

A Company's annual accounts include the balance sheet, the income statement and the notes. They must be drawn up at the end of each fiscal year for purposes of accounting records and inventory.

For limited liability companies, the joint stock companies, certain SNC companies and agricultural cooperatives, as well as foreign companies, annual accounts are filed with the RCS in the month following the Gen assembly which approved them, i.e. within 7 months maximum after closing the fiscal year in question.

In order to file annual accounts, the legal representative or the signing officer may proceed in either of two ways:

- File the company's annual accounts online 

- File the accounts with the commercial court registry office
  • To do this, you need to go to the competent registry office.

Search for a registry office:

Search for a registry office

In order to prepare your pursuit, consult the list of documents requiring to be scanned. They will be asked of you depending on the legal form of your company.

Filing annual accounts online

You are the legal representative of the company or its authorised representative (accountant, lawyer, etc.): you can file your company's annual accounts online at the registry office of the Commercial court.
If you would like to do this, please:
- fill in the information related to your submission;
- upload the requested legal instruments and supporting documents in PDF format;
- make the payment online.

in order to prepare the supporting documents to be digitalised, you can check the list of documents required depending on the legal form of your company.

Filing your annual accounts:

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