Order for payment

An order for payment is a quick and non definitive procedure so as to respond to requests for the recovery of liabilities.

Infogreffe guides you by presenting the steps of the procedure, including the elements, forms and documents to be produced.

In order to set up a request, you need to constitute a dossier including the "Demande en injonction de payer au président du Tribunal de commerce" ("Request for an order for payment from the President of the Court of Commerce").

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Order for payment on line

You can perform your online search in two ways:

Dematerialised request: sending to the registry office through electronic channels, a completely dematerialised dossier,
Simple request: filing at the registry office or sending to the registry office through the post.



to pay



Order for payment
The order to pay is a simplified procedure, specific to commercial courts, used to collect a debt without having to summon the debtor before a court. It has the particularity of being rapid and not definitive. By obtaining a writ of execution at the end of these proceedings, the judge's decision can be enforced.

In legal terms, a debt is the right for one entity/person (the creditor) to demand something of someone (the debtor), especially a sum of money.
The Commercial court has jurisdiction when it is a business debt or due to a bill of exchange being accepted.